Common Mistakes That People Make While Designing Interior Of Their Apartments

Common Mistakes That People Make While Designing Interior Of Their Apartments

Whenever someone things about interior design, the first thing that strikes their mind is to hire some interior designer. It can cost you too much to hire a professional. Instead, you can also turn your rental apartments into a dream home on your own. However, for doing that you’ll have to avoid the common mistakes that people usually do while designing the interior of their homes.

The first mistake that people make while designing their apartment for rent in new haven ct is over-furnishing the rooms. Measuring the room’s dimensions is really important before invest anything in furniture pieces. People usually go for furniture items which are just too big to be placed in a room. It does nothing but to make the room feel over-stuffed. So, keep the furniture pieces in any room limited to a particular number.

People also tend to hang art pieces higher up the walls. Don’t hang portraits or paintings very high. Instead, keep them at eye level. One would say that eye level differs from person to person. In that case, the advisable height is 165-180 cm. In case, if the art piece you are trying to hang is very big then you can simply hang it a bit higher. However, still make sure that it’s around wall’s midpoint. If you’re looking to hang some pictures right above your sofa, make sure that frame’s bottom is almost 15-20 cm atop your chosen piece of furniture.

Another common mistake is disorganization. Many times, things are kept in the home which you do not use too commonly. All such stuff just keeps lying around your apartment and is of no real use. Of course, you’d not like to make your rentals in new haven look stuffy or messy. Do everything in your power to the throwaway or donate any unused or unwanted items. Also whatever you want to keep should be kept in some box or any proper storage unit. You’ll be surprised to find out the spaciousness it adds to your place.

Decorating interiors are all about quality. Bringing in more and more items won’t mean your apartment will look better. It’s really important that you put your hands on something that you love. Buy top quality furniture items or artwork as they can be expected to last for a longer period. Furthermore, their resale value is also better.

Many people do not incorporate enough lighting into their space, and that’s a huge mistake. Lighting is something that often goes unattended. All you have in your apartment rooms is an overhead lighting source. Instead, it is advised to use multiple sources of light. They won’t just provide you with the lighting you need, but they also set the overall atmosphere of the entire space as well.